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The first real disaster that impacted my life was when a jetliner crashed into a close neighborhood near our home. I guess it was 1977.

The next real disaster that I recall, from my lifetime, would be the American Hostages in Iran. It was a very long and scary 444 days. I, personally, found it selfish to celebrate holidays during this crisis.  There was so much going on.  No one knew if they’d be killed or released.

At this time period, we were going through a major gas/oil crisis, in the United States. We had to buy our gas on odd/even days based on the last number on your license plate.  Gas was still limited and the lines to get gas were down around blocks.

I believe this is when we had water shortages, as well and were only allowed to water our lawns or wash our cars on odd/even days, based on our addresses.

In 1979 Brenda Spencer opened sniper fire on a elementary school, near our home.  She killed many before they apprehended her.  It was a very sad day.  I think she said it was Monday and she hated Monday’s.

In 1986, we lost the Space Shuttle Challenger to a terrible disaster.  We were watching the launch, with a teacher on board, for the first time, and the space shuttle exploded.  It was a terrible event.  I think the hardest part was being in school and not at home with my family to be sad together.

Of course we have the 9/11/01 disaster that I can’t go into right now. Its still too raw to my heart.  There are many terrorist attacks I am leaving out of this post.  I do not believe all Muslims are extremists. I have Muslim friends.  I do believe, however, that training of extremists is still going on and that there will be more terrorist attacks worldwide. (I still pray for the families of the USS Cole, Okalahoma City, and the World Trade Center.)

In 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon returning to Earth.  Parts were found all over the western United States. It was another horrific thing to watch on our television.

Natural Disasters:

Flooding of 1979 in San Diego. My date could be wrong. I know it was in the late 1970′s.  The San Diego River rose to cover most of the valley. It disconnected travel, flooded the major shopping centers, etc.  It just seemed like it was never going to stop raining.

Recently, we’ve had many earthquakes and tsumani’s.  Pakistan, Indonesia, and yesterday Japan have been hit very hard.  There is a nuclear power plant in Japan that has lost its cooling system.  To avoid a meltdown, the Japanese have decided to release radiation into the air.

Of course, there was Hurricane Katrina that leveled New Orleans and left many people stranded and many dead in their homes.  I don’t understand why anyone chose to rebuild there, with the levy system still not fixed.  Another storm and it all repeats itself.  Mayor Nagan left buses parked and stranded people in his city.  Then they voted him back into office, from their remote locations where they had been evacuated to.  Absolutely ridiculous to me.  Before Katrina, we had Hugo and slam into Charleston and Hurricane Andrew destroy Homestead.

Its a Natural Disaster that our military troops are overseas, standing in harms way, fighting a holy war that isn’t ours and we can’t win.  Yes, I still remember what they are fighting for.

We live in a world of many disasters and I think there are many more disasters to come.

(This is in no way a complete list. I know I’m missing reporters who have been brutalized, and the whole mess in Guantanamo Bay.)


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