I was never hospitalized more than a day until just before I gave birth to Katie Lynne, with a kidney infection, near her due date.

But I was my mother’s “emergency room child.”  There is a hospital, in San Diego that has an x-ray of my entire body, one injury after another.  I wouldn’t say I was klutzy, but I did challenge myself to do things I shouldn’t have done, like roller skate or ride a bike. Simple Things.  Sprains, strains, twists, ace bandages and lots of ice in my life.

When I was younger, I would stay with grandma, when I stayed home from school.  I would bundle up in grandpa’s recliner and grandma would make me honey lemon tea or I could drink warm jello.  There were always plenty of popsicles.

Of course, you also had to take that gross Yellow Triaminic.  That was the punishment. Gross medicine.

The last weekend of my junior year of high school, ready to start my senior summer, I turned my foot over on the softball field and went back on crutches with the ugliest swollen bruised multi-colored foot and ankle that whole summer.

Today, I am physically disabled, with my back. I have  degenerative disc disease (crushed disc) L4-L5.  My back upper muscles do not stay in and my back need multiple daily adjustments.  Pain is just part of my life.

I’m plagued with headaches and I have fibromyalgia, which is generalized pain with hot spots that can’t be touched on my hips and my shoulders. I also suffer from chronic insomnia, depression, and anxiety about anxiety.

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