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52 weeks of Personal Genealogy and History

I’ve seen a lot of movies in my lifetime.  The most memorable were those I shared with others.

When I was very young.. say 2 or 3.. before my eldest little brother was born, I went with Grandma and Grandpa, in Grandpa’s truck, to see Bambi, at the drive-in.  I cried and cried when bambi’s mother died and I think we went home early. I can’t really remember that part.

When I was young, my mother, brother, and I went to see the original Star Wars movie, on a city bus.  The line we stood in wrapped around the round building more than once. It was like waiting in line for an amusement ride, but the ride was much longer than a roller coaster would take us. It was fun and memorable.

Also, when I was young, the neighborhood kids piled into my mom’s Chevy Impala and she took us to see ET at the Loma Theater. That theater is now a big bookstore, the last time I saw it.

Grease showed at the Tuesday night dollar movie and mom and I went to see it over and over.. more than twenty times.  The first time we sat in the front row.  It was amazingly fun for a kid.  Even when we had to walk.

As I grew older, movies were an every week part of my life.

There are some movies, that when they are on tv, you just don’t change the channel:

  • An Officer and a Gentleman
  • Top Gun
  • Lethal Weapon (any of them)
  • When Harry met Sally

Now, I rarely go to movies.  I netflix tv series because I don’t really watch television.  My favorite actors are Kevin Costner and Meg Ryan.  Did you know she was in Top Gun? Who were you watching? LOL

My all-time favorite movie is No Way Out with Kevin Costner.  Field of Dreams was pretty good, too.  As was Message in a Bottle. hehe :)



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