FamilyHugz is a family project to digitize our genealogy.  Our, eventual, goal, is to publish a hardcopy of all we have gathered and organized, up-to-now.

Our family surnames dip into many step-families, full of people, who have directly touched our lives.

Our Main Surnames include:

Brockmiller, Brunner, Deacon, Elmore, Firmin, Foster, Jeffers

Ashman, Booth, Carlisle, Crookston, Edge, Guymon, Hocquard, Hunter, Hurst, Hutchison, Sheppard, Smith, Thompson, Tucker, Weeks

Crabill, Fry, Hardy, Harris,  Holdren, Huddleston, Mansfield, Steinbarger

Chance, Mowles, Nelson, Owen, Willis

Chadwick, Hansen, Kearns, Peterson, Proctor, Rhodes, Wagstaff, Webb

Bell, Carey, Clair, Feeley, Gonyer, Guay, Hoskins, Jewers, MacNamee, Misheo, Moran, Murphy, Steele, Thibodeau, Wagner, Ward, Whelan

Burandt, Gatz, George, Guy, Hartley, Jaekel, Kowalke, Rohloff, Saunders, Stahlke, Splettstoeszer, Teed, Wicks

Our Geographic Locations include:

The United States:
Maine (Penobscot County,) Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia (Augusta,) Utah (Alpine, American Fork, and Salt Lake City,) California (San Diego, La Mesa, Alpine, and Coronado,) Minnesota (Carver County,) and Iowa (Story County.)

Acadia, Channel Isle of Jersey, England, Scotland, France, Russia, and Germany.

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