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Many of my friends were complaining with a “second census” they received in 2000.  It was an elite group (random, I think) asked to fill out additional informational.

What information would you like to learn about your ancestors in past census?

This started in 1940. There is a list of questions rejected in this census.  One was “how many dogs do you own?”  Honestly, its not information I’m real interested in.. but I don’t know why.  I want my descendents to know about my past pet loves that broke my heart to leave this world.

When I thought about useful genealogy questions, I commented that I’d like to see, “what is your mother’s maiden name” and “are you parents living?”  I thought these questions would be valuable in family history research, which as an invasion of my privacy, is the ONLY reason I freely answer the census questions.  I want others to know about me.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a notes section, where you could leave something useful to your descendents?

What information would you like to learn about your ancestors from past census?

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From the email:

“Search these international indexes from 8pm EST Saturday, Mar 26th to 8pm EST Sunday, Mar 27th

As a special benefit for our U.S. Deluxe members, we’re opening our most comprehensive collection of UK censuses, giving you access to record indexes from 1841–1901. Celebrate UK Census Day 2011 by looking beyond the U.S. and searching for family from the UK.”

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