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I received this email, on the old familyhugz blog (blogger) and I can’t seem to get to it, to reply.. (oh please forgive the formatting.. *sigh*)

Daniel Carde has left a new comment on your post “Only a StoneCutter – John Rowe Moyle”:

I was looking through my Great-grandfathers, Lyman Moyle’s genealogy, and found your page while searching. I knew I was related to John Rowe Moyle, but I didn’t know I was his Great-great-great-grandson.

I too have been to the Historic farm. My grandma Burke, one Berniece’s daughters, used to tell me about when she was young and spent time at that house.

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So, I’m leaving this public reply:

Daniel Carde,

Thank you, so much, for your comment.  Our blog was exported from where you left your comment, and I’m sorry I can’t reply.

How fascinating to know more of Berniece’s family history.  I know she was really close to my great grandma Peterson (Wilma Hunter.)

I was just thinking, the other day.. my great grandma always said “Aunt Berneice and Uncle Lyman” were “visiting from Back East.”  I never questioned where “back east” was.. but I know I thought it was New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, or New York..

Just recently, it dawned on me that I’m “from the west,” and “back-east” was probably Utah. :)

I wish you well in your research, Daniel Carde, and I hope you find the new home of FamilyHugz, too.



I was flipping through the recent Deseret Book catalog, that arrived yesterday..

and the name, John Rowe Moyle caught my attention.

My Great Grandmother’s sister, Berniece was married to a Moyle. I used to sit and visit with Berniece and Lyman, when they were in California, to visit my Grandma.

I’ve been to Alpine to see the Moyle Fort.

I had only read about it, before this visit, in my book Alpine Yesterdays. I had listened to my great grandmother tell stories about the Moyle family.

Curious to the family pedigree connection, I popped onto Family Search.

Now, I’m confused, enough, that I’m here to map out what I’ve found.. *smile*

Lyman Moyle’s Father is Joseph Edward Moyle

Joseph’s father is John Rowe Moyle

But, this is interesting..
Joseph’s brother was also married to a Carlisle:
(My great great grandmother is a Carlisle.. that would make Lyman’s mother-in-law a Carlisle..)

Fanny Elizabeth Carlisle is daughter of Thomas Fields and Fanny Sophia Hocquard

Thomas Fields Carlisle is Berniece’s great grandfather!

So, on paper, I have Fanny Elizabeth Carlisle is Berniece’s Great Aunt (sister of her maternal grandfather) and John Rowe Moyle (Jr, son to the John Rowe Moyle in the DVD) is Lyman’s Uncle (brother of his father.)

and that makes Berniece and Lyman cousins? How many times removed? I have no idea.

You may know John Rowe Moyle, more, from this:

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