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Something very terrible happened to me, in the blogging world and it stopped all I was doing in this blog.  I wrote about it on another blog, in a joking fashion, but it seriously upset me.  I was part of a series, here, that direct relates to this 800 pound gorilla.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Regardless of this major GENEALOGY blogger, I’ve decided to not let it interrupt the series of stories I was working on here, in this blog.  I’ve had enough time to realize that its okay for people to be wrong, even if their attack is at you, wrongly.  I did not do what I was accused of doing.  It was a complete misunderstanding of a service I was using, sharing with others what I thought was good reading.  It still is good reading, but its hard to learn from someone so ignorant of the internet, that they would threaten me, who holds blogging, splogging, honesty, and integrity to such high standards.

I’m back.  With the Gorilla. :)

I found a third identity for myself (Heidi) on in the message boards.

I have no idea if I can catch up with all of these and then get the right emails out there again.

I appear to be FamHugz, Heidi Jeffers Thibodeau, and CarolinaDreamz there now. I guess a public profile might fix some of this easier for me. I’m going to out some information here for a Google search, just in case. *smile*

carolinadreamz at gmail dot com
justcallmeheidi at sc dot rr dot com is no longer valid
bizzymom at sc dot rr dot com is no longer valid but deeply missed. I just reopened it. I wonder if it will still be flooded with spam or if I’ve had it deleted long enough to feel comfy using it again. hmmm

working on it..

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