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Bob Bell as Bozo the clown

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When I was real young, it was Captain Kangaroo, Bozo the Clown, The Mickey mouse Club, and The Brady Bunch.

When I stayed home from school, at Grandma’s, it was I Love Lucy, I Dream of Genie, Match Game, Family Feud, and Young and the Restless.  That was my Grandma’s show.  We also watched Adam 12 and Emergency.  The Twilight Zone scared me silly, too.

At night, I remember Mash and Hogan’s Heroes.  I didn’t like Hogan’s Heroes.  I was too young to understand what they were finding so funny.

Like clockwork, there was Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and every CBS radio station newscast ever to play.

Today, I rarely watch tv.  Do you wonder why? :)

I like series tv on DVD from Netflix.. Dexter, Lost, Will & Grace, Grey’s Anatomy

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My favorite meal that Grandma made was Beanie Weenies.  Seriously.  They were boring.  Pork N Beans, cut up cheap hot dogs, and Government commodity American cheese.  I make them once in a while (as close to it as I can) just to feel close to Grandma again.  No one else will eat it, though.

My favorite meal at my Great Grandma’s house was her salad and peach flavored jello.  She put celery seed in the salad and always sliced the lettuce thin like in shreds.

My favorite foods, today, are related to bread and cheese in every way.  I think a good Calzone and IBC root beer is better than someone bringing home flowers. :)

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I grew up in 1/2 of a little house on the other side of the tracks..  It was former military housing from World War II.  It was a converted two bedroom, one bath duplex with one big open room, in the front, facing West, where the sun went down.  A wall divided one bedroom into two tiny bedrooms.  We made do and did without when we couldn’t.  My grandma was the glue and we all stuck to her. :)

Grandma's house

I added some of the duplex next door so you can see what it looked like when we lived there.  The right side has been updated.  The left side is what was original.  The square windows with the crank style mechanisms.  Our porches were red and grandma repainted them every year.

When we first moved in, that little front patch of grass/weeds between the front and back door was a huge pepper tree.  The roots of that tree cracked all of the sidewalks and made its way into the plumbing, so it had to be removed.  It was one of those grand climber trees that made us all the perfect play spot in the neighborhood.  The tree removal didn’t stop that. We all seemed to congregate outside my grandma’s house for kickball, because we had landmarks that made pretty good markers for bases.  I was the only girl on the block except during school breaks and summer, when Susan Bebb came to play with us, too.

Down the road, at Bobby’s house, we had a “no girls allowed” fort.  I wasn’t considered a girl for many years, I think. (giggle)

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Amy Coffin, of The We Tree Genealogy blog has presented a 52 week Genealogy challenge and I’m going to play along the best that I can.

Week One: New Year’s Memories

This is an interesting topic because we don’t really have too many memories we are making surrounding New Year’s or New Year’s Eve, in my family, except one my Grandma Willis started a long time ago. (I wish I had asked, back then, where she got it from.. maybe it was a family tradition when she was growing up, too.  I never heard her mother, my great grandma Peterson say it, but I also never spent NYE with her.) At midnight, she would tell us kids, “go open up the back door and let out the old year and then go open the front door and let in the new year.”  This was always a little special because we almost never used the front door unless there was some sort of delivery.

One time, my Aunt Donmara and I walked to a pay phone, down the street, when I was maybe ten years old, at midnight, to sing Auld Lang Syne to my Grandma Willis.  We practiced the lyrics all day long.  I had never heard the song before that day.

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UPDATEDBassingham info (Thank you to my detectives @Eyebee and @KatKimJac)

A “Relative” responded to one of my message board queries, regarding my “Grandpa,” that raised me, Donald Chance Willis.

Armed with a little more information, about his mother, “Amelia Louise Chance Willis,” I set out to see if I could find some Google Juice.

I happened upon an IGI on

amelia willis IGI

I considered this.. and then went to search on

I found a census record, that might be Amelia..  I don’t have enough experience to “guess-read” the places, though, and I need the page before it.  I used credits to read it, and it didn’t seem to have an option to go the page before.

amelia pdf census 3

amelia pdf census 2

Anyone out there who can help me read this location?  I see Stafford??countyof

Update: Lincolnshire Kestevin








After all of this unknown name.. it dawned on me.. Amelia would not have been listed, as a daughter, with the Willis surname.  This can’t be her. *sigh*

Donna June Crookston
b. 3 Jun 1931 in American Fork, Utah, Utah
d. 23 Nov 1991 in San Diego, San Diego, California

LDS Baptism: 12 Nov 1939
LDS Endowment: 24 Jul 1998 Hawai
LDS SP: 25 Jul 1998

SSN: 528-36-7100

married 30 March 1950 to John Herbert Smith (information unknown) in Bostonia, San Diego, California
One Living child: Kathy

married 13 July 1954 to Ralph Louis Fry (b. 27 Nov 1928 La Junto, Herfano, California d. 15 Feb 1990 El Cajon, San Diego, California f: Ralph Henry Fry b. 1901 m: Dessie Marguerite Holden b. 1906)
daughter: Donmara Lee Fry b. 28 July 1954 d. 22 Jun 1987 LDS Baptism: 18 Aug 1962
2 Living daughters: Cynthia and Joy

married 1971-1972 Donald Chance Willis (b. 21 Jun 1926 d. 2 Jun 2000)

Father: Robert Weeks Crookston b. 11 July 1909 in American Fork, Utah, Utah d. 26 Aug 1987 in American Fork, Utah, Utah
Mother: Wilma Hunter b 10 Apr 1912 in Alpine, Utah d. 30 Mar 1994 Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, California

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