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This is an interesting category. I played with all of my friends toys.  I never owned a Barbie doll.  I had a Kate Jackson doll (Charlie’s Angels.) Shelley Kyle had enough Barbies to entertain us both and then some, though. :)   She had a Barbie Dream House and we played there for hours. She, also, had a Mrs. Beasley, like Jody from Family Affair.

I didn’t have a Cabbage Patch Kid. I had a Doll Baby that I had to stuff and sew up myself.

I did have a Rubix Cube and a Simon.  My brother had a wheel-o.  They still make these today.

I was the kid, excited to go to a friends house and play PONG.  My friends hated it, though.

My most favorite toy was my bicycle, with the banana seat.

I could ride wherever I wanted.  I would go to Morley Field and hit a ball against the wall, watch a tennis match in the cement stadium, or cloud watch.  During the summer, the municipal pool was open.  I about killed myself taking the swim test to be able to be in the deep end.

But I did it.

One Christmas, I received a brand new Teddy Bear. I traded, over-night, with my friend, for her stuffed Monkey. We couldn’t have sleepovers, so we let our babies do it.  Something happened in the middle of the night and I moved and I was never able to trade back.  I didn’t miss my teddy bear but to this day, I feel guilty that I never returned that monkey. I still have that monkey. I took it everywhere with me, in case I were to run into his owner, again.  I wonder what her name was today.  I wonder if she remembers mine.

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