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Week Three: Cars you’ve owned or remember

My first car was a real beater.  It was a Glorious 1968 Chevy Nova. Green and Rust colored.   I loved that little car to its death.  It, eventually, was passed to my grandparents and such and is a pile of rusted metal in some salvage yard today.  At one point, while I owned it, the passenger door didn’t work.  Everyone had to get in on the driver’s side.  We didn’t care. It got us from A to B and many of us to school.

I learned how to drive in mom’s Malibu Classic Station Wagon.  The Beast.  When you learn to drive in a beast, you can almost drive anything with an automatic transmission.  My step-father, Dan Summers, taught me how to drive that big boat.  I remember driving through this tight section of concrete pylons, at the stadium and then he said, “now do it in reverse.”  I thought he was crazy.  It was the best lesson I’ve ever had, when it comes to driving.

My first experience with a standard transmission was in my friend Angie’s truck.  One day, she found out that I didn’t know how to do it and she pulled over and made me drive.  I could have killed her that day.  We were near the international airport in San Diego and there are all these steep hills, right there, going where we were going.  I stopped at the top of the hill, second car in line and found it funny that the car behind me stayed at the bottom of the hill.  I, eventually rolled that truck, backwards, all the way to the bottom of the hill.  Smart man that stayed down there.  We played Chinese Fire Drill, and she got the truck up the hill.

I’m a Toy Girl today. I drive a Toyota Sienna and more than LOVE it.

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